About KB5FJX

I was licensed in 1987 with an interest in Amateur Radio Emergency Communication, over the next few years I upgraded to Extra Class Licenses at the time still required 20WPM CW. I am currently involved with emergency communication and response in N.E. Arkansas.

I was one of the original founders of the Driven Elements Amateur Radio Group (DEARG), in West Memphis Arkansas along with AB5BC Phil Farris and N5VJZ John Ed Farris. After Moving to Lawrence County Arkansas, I became a member of the Lawrence County Amateur Radio Club (LCARC) and have reformed the DEARG with W5MDP Mike Pinkston and KF5YQW Kerry Ludwig.

Over the years I have held the ARRL appointments of EC, DEC, VE, and RACES member for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

For information about my current Station, please visit my Station page.


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